Meet our coworkers: 'beam me up' Pekka

Mzzt our coworkers at Chester&Fields

Meet Pekka from Helsinki who just joined us: he describes himself  as a geek with social skills (we do concur with the social skills!). He is specialised in explaining complicated things in a fun and creative way. We talk in the garden where he is reading one of his favourite books (The Toyota Way, if you must know).

What do you do?

I help businesses explain what they do. The more complicated the technology or the science behind their business is, the better for me! The name I choose for my company is "Beam Me Up Helsinki" because  I am the helpful guy in the background, helping the heroes, like Scotty in Star Trek.

Why did you decide to cowork?

I am in Brussels temporarily and I go crazy when I work from home. So my wife obliged me to find a coworking place. She was right and I am grateful. 

Why did you chose Chester&Fields?

I like how it feels. The atmosphere is great. Very social with people being forthcoming and introducing themselves. And the place is done with great taste!

Your 'magic' mantra?

A good time is right now.

The man behind Pekka?

Captain Kirk or Scotty?

I like working with Kirks.

Movie vs book?

Books right now, they help me wind down.

Inside vs outside?

Always in the sun, so outside.

Ice hockey vs football?

Ice hockey for sure! Kärpät!

Korvapuusti vs vs croissant?

You can have both: korvapuustis in Finland, croissants abroad.


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