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Meet Nathalie, a lawyer specialised, among other things, in European public law. Her magic mantra: “Smile at life and life will smile back at you!”
Yes it is! And here are twenty statistics that prove it.
You don’t need to be the most powerful man in the world to have the perfect office...
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Meet Claire, the newest member of the Chester&Fields’ team, a rigorous and creative student.
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This month Dublin hosted this year's Coworking Europe Conference. Don't worry if you missed it, Chester&Fields has all the details.
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Marie-Claire surprises its readers with a creativity workshop with Marc Raizon at Chester&Fields.
Chester&Fields participates (of course!) in the Coworking Week. From the 23rd to the 27th of October, discover our boutique coworking concept for free, and participate in our 'speed dates' !

Chester&Fields Coworking Boutique has its own library with management classics. Join us for a 'back to basics' course and discover our first pick: Lean Thinking by James P. Womack and Daniel T. Jones.
Discover the vision of Chester&Fields on coworking in l'Eventail...
Before exchanging Brussels for his hometown in Finland, our coworker Pekka shares his 'coups de coeur' of the Belgian capital.
Another great read on coworking and on Chester&Fields. This time in Juliette &Victor.
Meet Pekka from Helsinki who just joined us: he describes  himself  as a geek with social skills. He seems to be into Star Trek and 'korvapuusti'... We want to know more!
Meet Guillaume: he divides his time between Riga and Brussels, and also between his different projects. Amongst them, a collaboration with an innovative brand of spectacles: IZIPIZI (we like!).
Meet coworker and Chester&Fields member Charlotte. Cut out to be a personal development coach, she has always some good advice to give. Her magic mantra? « You think and you dream about it. I believe in it. »
We're both so British... And we're both featuring in Elle Magazine.
Meet Philippe, one of the first members of Chester&Fields. He's a driven entrepreneur, developing a new business model in an international environment. His magic mantra? "Failures make you successful".
This month, Chester&Fields is the stylish backdrop of a fashion article in Sensa Magazine. We like.
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It seems that even if we can work from Mount Everest -yes, there is 4G at 5200 meters!- it does not mean we want to...
The 2017 Coworking Forecast foresees more than a million coworking members in 2017. This is double the 2015 numbers and confirms the impressive growth of what is becoming a true social trend - if not a "wave".
BX1 (formerly Bruxelles Télé) has given us the honour of an item in their "@fter" magazine! Interview with our host Nathalie and a tour of the premises.
Freelancer and discovering the coworking world? Get some first-hand tips from this article in Deskmag.
A bit tired of working alone? Or already coworking and looking for a new environment? Take the New Year’s resolutions test!
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How to get the best from yourself (and others)? By coworking, for example. Read the article in the Harvard Business Review.
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Behind the façade of a distinctive mansion, a brand new coworking space is taking shape.