Why Chester&Fields?

One question kept on nagging us. What would a place be like where we would really love to work?” 
We – that’s the 3 founders of Chester&Fields. 75 years of work experience and plenty of entrepreneurial spirit. We started dreaming and brainstorming. And we came up with: 

  • comfort
  • service 
  • positive vibes 
  • humour 
  • relaxation
  • design
  • inspiration 
  • magic
  • cross-fertilisation
  • the new coworking

A  stately mansion near the Cinquantenaire caught our eye. We had it renovated in the spirit of English gentlemen’s clubs. Authentic chesterfields and lounges with a whiff of vintage beautifully merge with functional workspaces with lots of natural light.

The result is an inspiring, comfortable environment where you are pampered by a hostess attentive to your every need. Where coffee tastes like coffee. Where you meet interesting people. Where you maintain a perfect work-life balance. Where you enjoy coming to work, to meet, to network. And where you wrap up your week with Italian cocktails. 

For Whom? 

For everybody that expects more than just a desk or an interchangeable meeting room from their coworking or shared working space. Coworkers, self-employed persons, soloworkers, solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, SME’s or companies that are looking for a flexible expansion.

Meetthe founders

Anne Thys

Co-founder and managing director of Headline Publishing (an Antwerp agency that is since more than 15 years part of TBWA, one of the largest global communication firms).
Likes: sharp texts and catchy images, creativity, humour, honesty, simplicity and, at regular times, a dash of luxury (champagne, please!).
Happiness is: the smell of grass, the city vibes, the sun and a smile.

Nathalie Broos

Has over 20 years’ experience in business development. Nathalie left behind a top job with an international media company to bring her leadership skills to Chester&Fields. A born networker who won't shy away from a challenge. She breathes service.
Happiness is: running, cycling, swimming, a thriller, cooking for her family and friends and human contact.
Really enjoys: laughing at (crazy) jokes.

Marc Thys

Marc, known for his deadpan humour, is a management consultant with an impressive track record. He has founded and expanded his own consultancy firm. He also has managed several international assignments for PwC, IBM and Mondelez. 
Happiness is: golf, movies, books and discussions about the ‘big issues’.   
Really enjoys: games (with addictive tendencies).