Your Perfect Office vs The Oval Office

Why the perfect office seems to be the coworking office

So he is the President of the United States of America and needs an office to impress. And with a yearly budget of 15 million $ for the White House, he has the means to.  But what about you,  the average freelancer or small company with an average budget? What should be ‘your perfect office’?

Show me the money

Your perfect office should be cost-effective, what else? So let’s have  a closer look at the costs... and more importantly at how to reduce these costs. In a traditional office, a work station costs an average 12.000€ per year (source: AOS Studley, Occupancy Cost Index). In a private office in a coworking space, the costs reduces to 6.000€ per year including all the services and amenities such as meeting rooms and IT-services. I hear you think: 50% less? Exactly, the secret being of course the mutualisation of costs such as meeting rooms, IT, cafeteria, … So it seems that the trend of having a private office in a coworking space has a real ‘valuable/tangible’ benefit.

Switch is the name of the game

But your office should be more than a desk and infrastructure. It should also enable you to work at the best of your abilities. And to be at the top of your game, you must be able to switch regularly from focusing on your work to relaxing moments. It is all about balance. Difficult in an environment like the White House or even in a ‘traditional office’, more easily achieved in a coworking club: here you can choose to mix with coworkers or to retreat to the safe haven of your own private office. Moreover, there is someone that is taking care of all the amenities and whatnot for you. Already starting to feel the coworking vibe?

Dress to impress

Back to the Oval Office: it was designed to impress the foreign visitors and establish the power of the man using it. Your perfect private office should do just the same for you: reflecting your business identity. Being able to receive your visitors in beautiful, well decorated reception areas and meeting rooms is a must for a lot of freelancers and entrepreneurs. So bye bye, the stale corporate office; welcome to the ‘well designed’ office. Think comfortable seats, cosy corners with subdued lighting and a well-chosen colour palette. Yes, a tiny bit like the White House;-)

So, you don’t need to be the most powerful man in the world to have the perfect office. Just find the perfect coworking space for you….

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