Olivetus wine tasting at Chester&Fields

Chester&Fields and Olivetus have the pleasure of inviting you to a wine tasting from the Apulia region in the South of Italy.

Join us on November 9 to indulge in a unique sensorial discovery of Apulian flavors.

For 15€, you will have a chance to taste the following small-production wines, along with typical Apulian finger food:

- Duo (Cantina Ferri)

- Fiano (Botromagno)

- Primitivo (Botromagno)

- 5 Uve Rosse (Botromagno)

And of course, all the products will be available to purchase or to order!

Want to register? Mail us before November 8 at nath@chesterandfields.com


Details: Thursday the 9th of November from 18:30 till 20:30

14 rue Père de Deken, 1040 Etterbeek

Payment on site


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