Looking for new colleagues?

A bit tired of working alone? Or already coworking and looking for a new environment? Take the New Year’s resolutions test to see if you’re into Chester&Fields! 

I want to meet interesting people that will make my working day more interesting, more inspiring and -why not- even more fun ? (yes, there’s more in life then work, so we have a Mad Men style bar trolley for after work fun)

I want to be stimulated  by working in beautiful yet creative surroundings, with smart amenities (yes, we have a foldable hipsterbike at your disposal)

I want all this combined with a great and attentive hostess (yes, our queen bee Nathalie is an experienced professional that listens to your needs)


Sounds like a match with your own 2017 New Year’s resolutions? Then you might be ready for the ’coworking magic’. 

So come and grab a desk and discover our 10+2 daypass offer: pay 10 coworkingdays (valid for 3 months) and get two days for free. 

Price: 240 euro

Our offer is valid until  31/1/2016.

Call us at 0496 27 95 36 to meet up!



Discover why Marie Claire loves Chester&Fields!
Till the 11th of January, there will be a little surprise to end your all day meetings with a sparkling touch.

Looking for an inspirational meeting room before or after summer recess? Check out our offer.