Selected from our management library (#1)

Chester&Fields Coworking Boutique is proud of its own library with management classics. Discover our first pick: Lean Thinking by James P. Womack and Daniel T. Jones.

Why is this a classic?

Marc Thys, co-founder of Chester&Fields explains: "Lean thinking is an absolute classic on Operations Management and Supply Chain Strategy. This is the book that summarised Lean in a couple of easily comprehensible principles – and, through a couple of memorable case studies, how they are applied in a variety of industries. Light on tools but heavy on vision. Even today, twenty years later, numerous books on Lean still refer back to the same principles. In fact, my job as a Lean consultant would probably not exist without it."

Want to know more?

Chester&Fields is planning to organise a series of 'readings of a management classic' on a regular base. The first will take place in October. Check out our Facebook page for info on the schedule!


Chester&Fields participates (of course!) in the Coworking Week. From the 23rd to the 27th of October, discover our boutique coworking concept for free, and participate in our 'speed dates' !

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