Meet our coworkers: Guillaume

Meet our Chester&Fields coworkers

Coworker Guillaume travels frequently between Riga and Brussels. He is a coworking wizzard: he works for an innovative brand of spectacles called IZIPIZI (we like!), most of his time he works in accountancy digitalisation, and he is also volunteering in India with the aid of ICHEC. Innovation is his trademark, connecting people and projects his magical talent. Let’s meet up.

    What is your job?

    My job is very diverse, but with one common point: I’m passionate about innovation, solving problems and connecting projects and people. When in Belgium, I work mostly in accountancy digitalisation. The rest of the time I build human bridges between the Benelux and the Baltic States, I identify people and competences. On the Baltic market, I represent, amongst others, an innovative brand of spectacles called IZIPIZI.

    Why coworking ?

    My home base is Riga, but I’m often in Belgium for meetings for my different activities. I don’t need a permanent office in Belgium, but I need a base with human interaction to share my ideas, experiences and competences.

      Why Chester&Fields ?

      The first reason is a practical one: it is located next to my old neighbourhood and next to Merode, one of the best public transport locations in Brussels. The second reason: the unique and priviliged character of this venue gives me, with every visit, the necessary inspiration and comfort to succeed in my enterprises. I have an office with plenty of daylight, silent corners to get away from the rush of the day, and have access to a community of integer, determined and passionate people.

      Your magic mantra?

      Losing time while complaining does not solve the problem

      5X Guillaume behind the business man ?

      • Cooking or eating out: cooking
      • Beer or wine: wine
      • Art or sports: art
      • Movie or book: book
      • Bic or balpoint : balpoint !


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